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​Serving the senior citizens in the South Whitley community, Lunch & Camaraderie provides quality food free of charge. While most who attend choose to give a generous donation for their meal, it is not required. L& C also delivers meals to the homes of residents who are unable to travel.

Lunch & Camaraderie
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Kids Connect aims to promote the overall development of our community's kids through engaging activities and programs, including crafts, games, and partnerships with South Whitley's police department, library, and more.

This activity program is free for all kids ages eighteen and under.

Kids Connect


Empower Us

​In collaboration with South Whitley Elementary School, Empower Us serves kindergarten through 5th grade students with mentoring and positive adult leadership. The students are recommended by their teachers, and each child is then matched with one of our caring adult volunteers. While together, they play games, read, and engage in a variety of activities.

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