Empower Us

About the Program

Empower Us partners with South Whitley Elementary School to provide mentoring and positive role models for elementary students.

Teachers recommend students for the program, and One Community will match each student with a mentor.

Mentors meet with their students during school hours for 30 minutes each week. Focus areas include relationship building and goal setting.

21 kids were matched with a mentor for the 2019-2020 school year.

"I really enjoy volunteering with One Community because the kids could really use someone in their life, and it feels good to know I am that someone."

-Malarie Puterbaugh, Empower Us mentor

"I challenge more volunteers to come forward; it's a great reward to interact with the beautiful children in our own community! Seeing the big smile on a child's face each week and getting those hugs makes it all worthwhile!"

-Sue Pence, Empower Us mentor

Thank you to all of our mentors who met with these amazing kids every week! 

- Buford Baker, Dane Starkey, Dennis Norris, Gabe Starkey, Hailey Howard, Sarah Hewitt, Janice Perry, Kaylee LaVerne, Maddie Schultz, Malarie Puterbaugh, Marium Schmit, Mikel VanDevender, Nelson Reed, Rhonda Darley, Ronda Sroufe, Rose Tompson, Sam Rickerd, Sam St. Clair, Pastor Steve Massie, Sue Mulligan, & Wanda Yohe