Volunteer Spotlight: Taira Simmons

Taira Simmons is a lifelong resident of South Whitley and has worked at the South Whitley Community Library for 26 years. She attended Grace College and has a degree in Elementary Education. Since then, she has also taken classes from Indiana State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison for studies related to her work at the library.

Taira began to help provide programs for Lunch & Camaraderie in her position at the library at the start of One Community organization. Around 2015, she was asked to joint the board for OC and she said yes because she believed this program could make a difference in the South Whitley community.

Taira is very interested in reading and education along with being a avid genealogist and historian. She has spent many hours wandering cemeteries looking for missing family members. She is also an artist who enjoys painting and drawing.

Taira says, "I've enjoyed seeing the citizens of South Whitley join together to help one another out. I have had fun providing painting classes for the seniors at LC and also leading classes at the library."

Thank you, Taira, for all you have done for One Community. The many ways you have been involved is appreciated!

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