Volunteer Spotlight: Patti Holler

Patti Holler has been a volunteer for One Community since August 2017. She jokes and says her husband, Randy, found her a position on the OC board and the rest is history. Patti was born and raised in the Warsaw and Akron area. Randy is from South Whitley, where they had made their home for many years. Patti is recently retired from Do It Best Hardware where she worked for 34 years. Randy and Patti have three (3) children, ten (10) grandchildren and two (2) great grandchildren. Her hobbies include traveling, golfing and spending time with her kids and grand kids. She also loves to shop for garage sale bargains with her sister, Vivian.

When Patti was asked about her volunteer work, she stated, "My passion is the senior lunch program, but I think all of the OC programs are important to the community. I try to help as much as possible and still take time for my husband and family."

Thank you, Patti, for putting your heart and soul into everything you do. The many hours you put into grocery shopping, raising money, helping manage behind the scenes and so much more is appreciated so much. We are happy to have you as part of the OC family each week!

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