Volunteer Spotlight: Bridgette McCarthy

My name is Bridgette McCarthy, and I have been a volunteer for One Community since last summer. I was born in Goshen, but raised in Fort Wayne. My husbands name is Jay Dennis. I have 3 daughters. They are: Brianna 25, Cecilia 22 and Keeli 12.

I retired a year ago from GM. Most of my career, 20 years, was spent in some form of IT. My hobbies and interests include: going to auctions, woodworking, gardening, baking, and fishing. I have 1 cat and 2 dogs. One of my favorite places I have traveled to is Universal Studios. When asked what most people do not know about me, I would say that I enjoy learning. I am currently taking a machining class.

I volunteer in the kitchen preparing food for L&C, the senior meal program and also at the Community Harvest Food Truck. What I like best about volunteering is helping people. The added benefit of learning new things is the icing on the cake!!

Bridgette will also be joining the Empower Us program as a mentor.

If you enjoy going to the Whitley County Farmer's Market in Columbia City, be sure to look for Bridgette's booth. You will not be sorry. Once you taste some of her yummy sweets, you will go back for more!! Thank you, Bridgette McCarthy, for giving of yourself to make a difference to those we serve in SW!

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