Senior Spotlight: Mark Clark

Mark Clark, one of our regular senior guests, is our November spotlight. When talking to Mark it is easy to spot he is one of the Chicago Cubs'

most loyal fans, as he almost always sports a cap or shirt displaying his love for the team. He told us, "Watching the Cubs play and talking on his SSB radio are some of the things I like to do the most."

Mark has been coming to L&C since the program was launched in June 2014. Making new friends, enjoying the good food and being a part of the field trips to the Dixie Boat and Lily Pad are some of the things he likes most about being a part of the lunch program.

Although Mark was born in Angola, he has lived most of his life in South Whitley. Working at Whitley Manufacturing and Dairy Queen have been some of the jobs he has had over the years. Traveling to Florida and South Carolina have been some of his favorite places to visit, because of the nice weather he stated.

When Mark was asked to tell us something most people do not know about him he replied, "Most people do not realize I have a daughter, Shawn, and I also have 4 grandchildren." Thank you, Mark, for being one of our treasured and important senior guests. We can always count on you to have a smile and be happy to see us!!!

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